Production and another trip to Sri Lanka

Hey guys,

I’m back in Sri Lanka! Here I will bring the money we raised with the crowdfunding and the first sales to the blind massage therapists. Then I want to visit some farms, see new areas in the north and look for new products.

Right before my flight there were some really good news. Finally the first big production was made and delivered! Moringa leaf powder in pouches and capsules in pouches.

And they look really nice! Each pouch was prepared by hand and labelled by the boss himself, the CEJoe. He was standing there for hours to label each pouch with precision and love.

Now the online shop will be started and as soon as I’m back in Germany I will look for stores to sell it there.

You can’t wait and want your Moringa now? No problem, in 1-3 days you will receive it! Just send me an email to if you want to order or if you have any questions. We will do the order by bill and you transfer the money. That worked out very well in the last couple of weeks.

This is the pricing:

  • Organic Moringa Leaf Powder 100 g
    • 1 pouch: €14,90
    • 2 pouch: €27,90
    • 3 pouch: €39,90
  • Organic Moringa Leaf Powder in 130 capsules containing 650 mg (total 85 g leaf powder)
    • 1 pouch: €16,90
    • 2 pouch: €31,90
    • 3 pouch: €45,90

With each order there’s a shipment fee of €3,89. Shipping inside Germany.

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