Welcome to Karma Foods!

Welcome to Karma Foods! Here you get healthy products from Sri Lanka, organic and fair trade. Parts of the profit go directly into social projects and startups in the country of origin. Customers will receive the best quality and Sri Lanka will benefit as well. Win-win for all and good karma!!

A mission, a Joe


I’m gonna make sure that all this doesn’t just sound awesome but also runs smoothly. So I take care of the entire process, from the farms to the transport, packaging and finally to the customers in Germany (and possibly other European countries). About me: I’m Joe (Johannes Mohr), media designer with a Bachelor of Engineering in Packaging Technology. After a few years as a packaging engineer in big food companies I wanted to do something different and became more and more interested in social entrepreneurship. I was looking for a different kind of doing business that is better for the people and the environment and not focusing on profits only. Thanks to the Social Starters (www.socialstarters.org) I came to Sri Lanka in 2015 and volunteered at social enterprises. I was locally supported by the Good Market (www.goodmarket.lk), which plays an important role as a platform for these startups and companies. I helped organic farms with topics like packaging and design where I have experience.

The idea

In Sri Lanka the idea came up to create my own social startup. By importing the products to Germany, I want to support organic farming in Sri Lanka. My first product will be Moringa leaf powder. The tree is considered the most nutritious plant on earth and the leaves are packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals. Through my network I could find a certified organic supplier who is structured as a social enterprise and supports small farmer cooperatives. Parts of the profit go back to Sri Lanka, directly into social projects and startups. And everything is transparent, I maintain a close partnership with the supplier and visit the farms.

Here on the blog you get all the info:

  • The story behind it all, how I quit my job and came to Sri Lanka, what I experienced there and how I started my own social startup. You will receive information about the products, recipes and why they are so good for you. In early August I will start a crowdfunding campaign, when customers can preorder the first Moringa packs.
  • I will also write about social entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, what kind of ideas they have and how they implement them. For example how housewives can generate income by working from home by doing handicraft, how sandals are made of straw and leaves, or how my business cards were printed on elephant dung paper.
  • You will see what happens to the money that will be collected through the sales. The first Karma money which will be raised through the crowdfunding campaign goes directly into the education of blind massage therapists in Colombo. I’ve been a customer there and I also know the owner personally and his whole story behind it. It’s a great job they’re doing there (www.thusaretalkinghands.com).
  • And while I’m exploring the island looking for new ideas and startups, I’ll also write some travel stories about Sri Lanka. There’s so much to do and see in this beautiful country, the lovely people, awesome food and a beautiful landscape.

So you won’t get bored here! Follow the blog, give Karma Foods a thumb up on facebook and you won’t miss a thing!

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