Update – the next production

Hey guys,

Now all crowdfunding supporters should have gotten their packages. If something is missing, just write an email to johannes@karmafoods.de

The next trip to Sri Lanka will probably be possible in March 2017. I talked to the massage practice Thusare and I will continue to raise money for the education of the blind people (in addition to crowdfunding proceeds). At my next visit I will personally hand the whole amount over to them. Until then every sold pouch will raise an additional 1€.

The new idea to press the Moringa powder into capsules was well received. The capsules can be swallowed down easily with a sip of water. The capsule shell is made from methylcellulose (plant-based), so it’s not a problem for vegetarians or vegans. Many have tried it and the feedback was so good that I wanted to add this version of the product right from the start.

But I had to look for a new copacker who can fill both versions (loose powder and powder in capsules) in pouches. I have now found a business with which I can work together and I hope that in January we will be able to produce the first large quantity. Then I can start the online shop and contact retailers.

You can already order pouches of 100 g powder or 150 capsules (while stocks last). Just write an email to johannes@karmafoods.de and tell me what interests you and what quantity (for example 1 pouch costs € 14.90, discount with larger quantity). I’ll make you an offer, you order and I send it to you.

I am also very happy that many positive feedbacks on Moringa powder have already been received:

  • Digestion problems could be solved (diarrhea as well as constipation)
  • Skin problems (rash, redness) were improved
  • Less hair loss
  • Stronger immune system
  • Athletes felt fitter and had less muscle soreness
  • It has helped with weight loss
  • The overall well being has been improved

I will keep you posted!!

Kind regards, Joe

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